Kaszuba Barbara

Barbara Kaszuba (* 22 January 1983 Poznań-) violinist, composer and teacher. She was a scholarship holder of the Business and Professional Women’s Club in Poznań, the National Children’s Fund and the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage (1998, 2000, 2002, 2006). She also received the Djerasi – UNESCO USA Awards (2007), the Journalists’ Award of the Medal of Young Art (2010) and the Medal of the Hipolit Cegielski (2013). Her works have been awarded at many composition competitions in Poland and abroad and are published by the publishing houses: Astra in Łódź, Fonola in Warsaw, PWM in Krakow, Chiola Music Press in Italy.

Information about the composer on culture.pl and polmic.pl.

“My music” broadcast at the link.

Pieces with the violin:

  • Autumn Dance for solo violin (1992)
  • Kaprys-cadenza for solo violin (1993-94)
  • Mazurka for solo violin (1994)
  • Katarynka for violin and accordion (1995)
  • Memoirs of Janusz Korczak for solo violin (1995-98)
  • String Quartet (1996)
  • Contemplations for solo violin (1996-98)
  • Moods, trio for violin, cello and accordion (1997)
  • Droga for solo violin (1997)
  • Cheeky Trio for violin, viola and cello (1999)
  • Skrzyp-ak, humoreska for violin and accordion (2000) (sheet music) recording performed by the duo Karolina Mikołajczyk & Iwo Jedynecki available here
  • Happy Islands for flute (or violin), cello and piano (2003)
  • Dalmatia for voice (bass), violin and cello based on the poetry of Krzysztof Kamil Baczyński (2004)
  • Ptasi Koncert for violin, symphony orchestra and bird voices (CD) (2007)
  • Chatting birds for string quartet (2008)