Szwed Katarzyna

Katarzyna Szwed (* 27. IV. 1980 Kraków-), a composer educated in Kraków, The Hague, Rotterdam and Birmingham.

“Katarzyna Szwed tries to create an attitude of constant admiration for the world. She composes her works out of blurred sound spots, full of bright and glassy sounds. The narrative of her music is focused and unhurried, and the dynamic scale, starting somewhere on the verge of audibility, is limited at most to mezzoforte. These exceptionally sensual compositions are permeated with a poetic character, they are also full of noble lyricism and deeply immersed in the mood of contemplation “.

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Chamber pieces with violin:

  • On (e) two for violin, clarinet, cello and piano (2006)
  • Music for Goes for violin, cello, two oboes, piano and accordion (2007)
  • 3D Haiku for solo violin (2009)
  • Alaya-vijnana for prepared piano, violin, cello, double bass and video (2011)