Kochaniec Konstancja

Konstancja Kochaniec (* 27 May 1976 Wrocław-) composer, music theorist. Currently, he runs an independent creative activity – he composes classical, film, television, theater and illustrative music. She is also the author of soundtracks for documentary films. The most important compositions by Konstancja Kochaniec include: Four epigrams for solo flute (1998), Umarła cię, piano miniature (1998), Colors, duet for violin and light (1999), Piece with melody for piano and didgeridoo ( 1999), Woman for solo violin (1999), String Quintet “Madness” (1999), Something for solo cello (2001), Symphonic Impressions (2003), Three sonnets for soprano, mezzo-soprano, bass and symphony orchestra to words by William Shakespeare in translated by Maciej Słomczyński (2007-2008), Nike for solo cello (2008) and Psyche for solo cello (2008)

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Composer’s violin pieces:

  • Colors, duo for violin and light (1999)
  • Woman for solo violin (1999)
  • String quintet “Madness” (1999)
  • Sinfonietta Concertante for oboe, violin, cello and orchestra (2009)