Knobler Rachel

Rachel Knobler (* June 13, 1924 Słomniki- † 2017 Munich) composer, poet, painter. After the tragic fate of the war, in which part of her family was killed, and right after the war – her mother, she emigrated to Munich. There, he learns to play the violin and piano as well as music theory at the Municipal Conservatory. She also takes singing lessons. Due to a long-term nervous breakdown, he interrupted his studies. He sings in the Munich Philharmonic Choir, and then in the vocal group of Rudolf Lamy. In 1989, for the first time since the war, he visits Poland on the occasion of a film about the artist, shot by Bavarian Television. This film was shown in Europe, the USA and Israel. The works of Rachel Knobler range from musical to painting to poetry. For her poetic activity – as a member of the Katakombe Literary Association run by Nanette and Werner Bald – she was honored with the Association’s award. She is the author of several dozen poems, 6 short stories and theater plays (including “What’s next Hiobie?”, “Cienie”). She also wrote comments on her pastels and paintings painted on glass. Their reproductions can be found in the book “Zastygły Czas” published by Leeden Verlag. She is the author of, among others chamber works for various performances and songs.

Knobler’s compositions are based on both Hasidic and Polish tradition and bring back folk melodies from her childhood. Traditional Jewish chants (niggunim) are used in the songs. The compositional language is also declamativity and the use of variation forms. The atmosphere of nostalgia and longing for the world of childhood that was irretrievably lost hovers over all his achievements.

Pieces for violin:

  • Small East European Suite for solo violin
  • Traces – song cycle to own words for mezzo-soprano violin or viola and piano (1986)
  • Lullaby for alto, violin or viola and piano to own text (1987)
  • Hasidic Suite for violin and cello (1990) sheet music in pdf format
  • Fantasia for tenor saxophone and flute or violin (1997)