Klechniowska Anna Maria

Anna Maria Klechniowska, after her husband Sas (* April 15, 1888 Borówka, Wołyń – † August 26, 1973 Warsaw)

Polish composer, pianist and teacher. A student of Katarzyna Jaczynowska (piano) and Gustaw Roguski (theory) at the Conservatory in Warsaw. In 1905-06 in Lviv, she studied with Mieczysław Sołtys (piano, composition) and Stanisław Niewiadomski (harmony). She continued her musical education in Kraków, Leipzig and Vienna. During World War II, she stayed in Paris, completing her studies with Nadia Boulanger. After the war, she started teaching in Łódź and from 1947 in Warsaw. There she was also an inspector of music schools at the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage.

Klechniowska’s diverse works include orchestral, chamber, piano, vocal-instrumental and stage pieces. Many of them are educational in nature. Her well-known School for piano (sheet music), first published in 1916, was re-edited many times. Klechniowska’s oeuvre also includes Legend for violin and piano (1925).

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The piece Legenda for violin and piano (1925) is available in the collection of the National Library.