Holland Joanna


Joanna Holland (*?-†?) Polish composer living in the first half of the 19th century. Daughter of Jan David Holland.

In Kurier Warszawski from 1823, a short article was published “The musical composition of JP Brzezina at Miodowa Street includes music works by the Polish composer Joanna Holland, known to many experts in the unusual composition, the daughter of a professor of music at the University of Vilnius. Among other things, there are music works dedicated to Princess Aleksandra Fedorówna-Princess Anna Czartoryska and Countess Przeździecka”

The Polonaise catalog lists 2 compositions by Hollandówna – Polonaise for piano published in Vilnius and Polonaise from Verkia (from the village of Werki near Vilnius)

In addition, there was a Polish Dance with fantasies, a Great Polonaise in the taste of Rondo and  Theme with variations.