Filipowicz Eliza

Eliza Filipowicz (* 1794 Rastadt- † 1841 London) née Mayer- violinist and composer. At the age of 11, she became a student of Luis Spohr, with whom she studied until the end of her education. She has performed, among others in Poland, France and Germany. After the death of her first husband, she settled for a while in Poland, where she was active at the court of prince Starzen. During the November Uprising, when her second husband – after whom she took the surname Filipowicz – joined the insurgents, she left for Paris with her daughter. In 1835 he moved to London. In letters to her teacher Spohr, with whom she kept in touch all the time, she writes that she makes a living by playing concerts, teaching and making music with pianists learning to play. He is also devoted to the education of his talented daughter.

Eliza Filipowicz left a few virtuoso compositions for violin and piano, as well as for violin and orchestra.

Information about the violinist on the website of the publishing house that published “Fantasia on Polish Airs” for violin and piano.

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