Dubanowicz Wanda

Wanda Dubanowicz (* 26 January 1928 Warsaw – † 22 October 2006 Gdańsk) composer, conductor, music theorist and teacher. Shortly after World War II, she began her musical education at the Gdańsk Music Institute. She studied piano with prof. Władysław Walentynowicz. In addition, she took French lessons. She also educated herself in the field of conducting with prof. Bohdan Wodiczko and Felicjan Rybicki, as well as compositions by Konrad Pałubicki. Stefan Bolesław Poradowski and Tadeusz Szeligowski were among its masters, with whom she developed her skills. She was fascinated by the conductor figure of Valerian Berdyaev, with whom she learned conducting.

Dubanowicz was a very active teacher. She conducted orchestras, choirs and chamber ensembles in music schools. She educated a group of teachers, conductors and composers. She was the music director of the Music Stage of the Wybrzeże Theater, the Puppet and Actor Theater “Miniatura” in Gdańsk. She has collaborated with numerous theaters all over Poland.

The output of Wanda Dubanowicz includes about 100 pieces, including shows for children, music for theater plays, chamber pieces, and vocal pieces. For her rich activity, she has received a number of prestigious awards, including Merit Cultural Activist, Knight’s Cross of the Order of Polonia Restituta, and awards of the Minister of Education. Her works (shows and performances) have been awarded many times. She was a member of ZAKR and ZaiKS.

Information about the composer here, notes and other materials available at nukat.edu.pl.

Works with the violin:

  • Quasi sonata for violin, cello and piano (1963)
  • Theme with Variations for solo violin (1968)
  • Sad Antonio – miniature for violin and piano (1968)
  • Etude for violin, cello and piano (1998)