Drege-Schielowa Łucja

Łucja Drege-Schielowa (* 13 February 1893 Warsaw – † 26 January 1962 Łódź) pianist and composer. Its professors were Felicjan Szopski (composition) and Maria Wąsowska Badowska (piano). She was an active pianist and chamber musician. In the interwar period, she was involved in the organization of concerts and musical events. After World War II, she settled in Łódź, where she taught piano at a music school.

The artist left behind her composing achievements, which brought her the award of the Minister of Culture and Art. The early compositions include, among others Violin Sonata, Toccata and Fugue in D minor, Partita for flute, cello and piano, Sonata in E minor for piano and songs to words, among others Leopold Staff or Emil Zegadłowicz. Later she dealt with didactic and popular music. Songs, highly valued in the artist’s output, are often an arrangement of folk songs and folklore styling.

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