Ossendowska Zofia

Zofia Ossendowska (* February 18, 1887 Sieradz – † July 28, 1943 Warsaw) née Iwanowska-Płoszko, violinist, teacher, composer, social activist.

She was the wife of the writer Ferdynand Ossendowski. She studied the violin at the Music Institute in Warsaw in the class of Emil Stiller, Jan Jakowski and Stanisław Barcewicz, and then deepened her instrumental skills abroad. After completing her education, she performed in Poland and abroad (England, Holland, Russia). Together with her husband, she has traveled many long distances. During her stay in Africa, she became interested in the music of the Berber peoples. Her interests also included music based on other folklore, including Iberian Peninsula.

After returning to Poland, she founded her own violin school, she was also a violin lecturer at the Music Conservatory in Warsaw. Active social activist. In 1920, during the Bolshevik War, she was a nurse and guardian of scout teams. In addition, she was the vice-president of the “Sztuka” society in Warsaw. Author of violin, piano and vocal pieces.

Ossendowska’s compositional legacy includes piano, violin and song works. Many of these items can be found in the collections of the National Library (link)

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The book “Zofia Iwanowska Ossednowska- Violinist, virtuoso “at the link.

Works for violin and piano: