Zielińska Lidia

Lidia Zielińska (* 9. X.  1953 Poznań-) violinist, teacher and composer. She is one of the most interesting figures in the Polish composing world. Her compositions have won awards at many competitions and festivals, and her works are performed in concert halls in Europe, both Americas and Asia. She is also the author of many publications and lectures (on polish contemporary music, electroacoustic music, history of experimental music, sound ecology and traditional japanese music)

Information about the composer on culture.pl and on the website.

Works for solo and chamber violin.

  • Litany for string quartet (1979)
  • Violin Concerto (1979)
  • Glossa for viola or violin (1986) sheet music
  • Pleonasm for oboe, violin and string orchestra (1986) sheet music
  • String Quartet (1988)
  • Zoom for violin and orchestra (2000)
  • Rhapsody for violin and electronic sounds (2004)
  • Canción triste for violin and CD (2010)