Woyciechowska z Myszyńskich Leokadia

Leokadia Woyciechowska née Myszyński (* 9.V. 1858 Łowicz- † 12. September 1930) pianist, composer, teacher.

She took her first steps under the watchful eye of her father. She studied music in Warsaw under Rudolf Strobel and Gustaw Rogulski (harmony). She studied privately with Zygmunt Noskowski and Władysław Żeleński. She was an active pianist and teacher. She wrote songs to words by Adam Mickiewicz, Maria Konoponicka and Kazimierz Laskowski. Her oeuvre also includes choral compositions, Sonatas (including for violin), chamber, orchestral and, of course, piano pieces. She has received numerous awards for her compositions for piano and songs, including Of the Warsaw Music Society.

Among the pieces with the violin there are the above-mentioned ones

  • Violin sonatas, miniatures for violin and piano, quintets and trios.

The song “Baśń smętnej noc” is on the album “Salon of Polish Composers” in the recording of Magdalena Lisak

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