Synowiec Ewa

Synowiec Ewa (* April 12, 1942 Krakow – † March 6, 2021 Gdańsk), composer, music theorist, pianist and teacher. The artist’s creative output includes about 200 items. Her music is characterized by diversity and stylistic uniqueness, mostly with avant-garde features. The artist’s very poor eyesight also determined the manner of her artistic expression. About half of Ewa Synowiec’s works are musical graphics, hence the artist’s work existed both on stages and music exhibitions, including in Poland, Germany, Great Britain, France, Austria, Switzerland and Canada. The composer was honored for her activity with many awards, incl. Award of the Minister of Culture and Art, third degree (1980) and Award of the Minister of Culture and Art, first degree (1990).

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Pieces with the violin:

  • String Quartet No. 1 (1966)
  • Psalm XXII [version I] for alto, flute, violin and celesta (1967)
  • String Trio (1967)
  • Duet for violin and viola (1967
  • String quartet (eighth note) (1971)
  • Still Life I for flute, trumpet, violin, viola and vibraphone (1974)
  • Invitation (Still Life II) for trumpet, vibraphone, violin, flute, xylophone, viola, marimbaphone, cello and clarinet (1974)
  • UDMSW, or Still Life III (A Piece for the City of Stalowa Wola) for clarinet, trumpet, vibraphone, violin, viola and cello (1975)
  • One-sided Composition for solo violin (1976) Version No. 3 for solo violin (1976)
  • Fantasia for solo violin (1976)
  • Da camera for flute, violin and cello (1977)
  • String quartet “Resume” (1977)
  • Seasons for flute, violin, viola and cello (1978)
  • Psalm XXII [version II] for voice, flute, 2 violins, viola and piano (1978)
  • Sonata per violino solo (1980)
  • Theme with Variations for string quartet (or string ensemble) (1982)