Stulgińska Agnieszka

Agnieszka Stulgińska (* 5. September 1978 Ostrołęka-) The composer is interested in creating original multimedia projects. He willingly collaborates with directors, photographers, designers, visualists and choreographers.

And this is what the artist herself says about her work: ‘There are no barriers for me, everything is music. Ambient sounds are just as important, and sometimes even more important. They are much more complex and ambiguous, they surround us. On the other hand, the sound of the instrument is synonymous with what is inside the instrumentalist. He’s more introverted. I am now leaning towards what is inside, towards acoustic instruments or anything else in the hands of a performer. I’m going towards the theatrical ”

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Pieces with the violin:

  • Material for violin and flute (2000)
  • KZS for violin, clarinet and piano (2001)
  • A Look of Light for violin, clarinet, vibraphone and piano * (2004)
  • Magic Box for violin, clarinet, vibraphone, piano and tape (2005)
  • Impressions for string quartet (2006)
  • Flying Garbage Truck for violin, saxophone, cello, accordion, piano and tape (2012)
  • Dance with my Breath for flute, clarinet, violin, cello and piano (2015)