Skowrońska Janina

Janina Skowrońska (* 1920 Germakówka – † 1992 Lublin)

Composer and teacher. She studied choral conducting in Lviv with Adam Sołtys. In Wrocław, she graduated from the Music School of F. Chopin in the piano class of S. Rapp and the Pedagogical Department of the State Higher School of Music there. She studied conducting with Włodzimierz Ormicki. She studied composition in the class of Kazimierz Wiłkomirski, Piotr Perkowski and Tadeusz Szeligowski. She led the Song and Dance Ensemble of the Warsaw University of Technology. She was in charge of the Lubuskie Region Theater. From 1958 she was a teacher at various school institutions in Poland (including Wałbrzych, Wrocław). She co-organized the Festivals of Polish Contemporary Music in Wrocław.

She wrote symphonic, chamber, piano, vocal, vocal-instrumental pieces, pieces for children’s bands, and theater music (over 50 compositions in total). The fate of the composer’s manuscripts is unknown. She has received numerous awards and decorations for her activities.

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