Puchalska Barbara

Barbara Puchalska (* 12.II. 1954 Jelenia Góra-) composer and teacher. A graduate of the Academy of Music in Łódź in the field of music theory and composition (in the class of Bronisław Kazimierz Przybylski. From 1980 she lectured at her alma mater, and from 1985 at the University of Łódź (at the Department of Music Education). She is a laureate of many composition competitions. During her studies she became interested in aleatoric technique. Experimented with various unconventional methods of producing sound, especially on wind instruments. included major-minor tonality, chromatic, full-tone, pentatonic and church scales. In her poem “Fatherland” (dedicated to Pope John Paul II on the 20th anniversary of his pontificate), she also used elements of folk and popular music. it approaches the style of sung poetry. Chamber music constitutes the major part of her compositional output.

Pieces with the violin:

  • “Where the Wind Blows” for flute, violin and harpsichord (1992)
  • “Leśny poemat” for pan flute, violin and harpsichord (1996)