Podgórska Ewa

Ewa Podgórska (* 26 May 1956 Wrocław-) is a composer whose works have been awarded at composers’ competitions and performed at many festivals and cultural events. Among the awarded works by Podgórska for violin is Sonata for solo violin (1981-82), awarded at the Composers’ Competition in Wrocław (1990).

News about the composer available on polmic.pl and culture.pl.

Works with violin:

  • Fantasia for solo violin * (1977) (sheet music)
  • Sonata for solo violin (1981-82)
  • Capriccio for solo violin (1991)
  • String trio * (1994)
  • Musicians’ Hell for violin and synthesizer (1995)
  • Summer improvisation for solo violin * (1996)
  • In An Undertone for violin, cello, piano and clarinet (2004)