Obtułowicz – Wróblewska Zofia

Zofia Obtułowicz – Wróblewska (* 19. VII. 1888 Buczacz-?) Composer and singer.

Already as a child in Lviv, she learned harmony from Stanisław Niewiadomski. She received an award for the song “If I changed”, which was written on the occasion of the unveiling of the monument to Adam Mickiewicz in Lviv. At 18, she went to study in Vienna, where she developed her vocal skills in the class of Adelina Paschalis-Souvestre. In Leipzig, she trained her composing skills in the class of Max Keper. There, her songs “Zawód” and “Jaskółka” were published by Breitkopf & Hart. Galician companies published her songs to words by Tetmajer, Krasiński and Mickiewicz. Her choral songs were performed by Lviv choirs conducted by Bronisław Wolfsthal.

Sheet music available here