Maciejasz- Kamińska Anna

Anna Maciejasz-Kamińska (* 9 January 1938 Niepołomice-) graduated in composition and music theory with honors in the class of Bogusław Schaeffer at the State Higher School of Music in Krakow (now the Academy of Music). She is a laureate of the Grzegorz Fitelberg composers ‘competition (Przemiany) and the Youth Competition of the Polish Composers’ Union (Il piu et il meno). In his composition, he prefers sonoristic constructions obtained from instrumental material transformed electronically, or through natural performances. Her searches also focused on the graphic symbol, which was both an element of the score recording of sound parameters and the structures of multi-faceted form determination. Graphical music scores by Anna Maciejasz-Kamińska were displayed at exhibitions combined with monographic concerts, and pieces were performed in Poland and abroad.

The pieces for violin are:

  • String trio (1971)
  • For three or four for percussion, piano, violin and cello (1976)