Lachowska Stafania

Stafania Lachowska (* 1898 Lviv – † 1966 Kraków) composer and teacher. She studied piano with Jerzy Lalewicz and Witold Friemann at the Conservatory of the Music Society in Lviv, and theory and composition with Mieczysław, Adam Sołtys and Adolf Chybiński. After moving to Warsaw, she continued her studies at the State Conservatory of Music in Warsaw in the class of Kazimierz Sikorski. Privately, Karol Szymanowski gave her lessons. Already during her studies, she took up pedagogy. She lectured on music theories in Krakow and Lviv. She also worked at the Polish Music Publishing House (PWM) as an editor.

Her composing oeuvre consists of solo pieces for piano, chamber works for various ensembles, as well as orchestral and vocal works.

Pieces with the violin:

  • String Quartet (1947)
  • Closed Circle for violin, viola, cellos and piano (1962)
  • 10 miniatures for two violins (1964) (sheet music)
  • arrangements of works for violin and piano