Głowicka Katarzyna

Katarzyna Głowicka (* October 12, 1977 Oleśnica -) The work of Katarzyna Głowicka, who now lives in Holland, covers a wide range of musical activities. He collaborates with theater and film directors, choreographers, and above all with musicians and conductors. He creates film, opera, ballet and symphonic music. Her works are distinguished by their expressive power and specific color. The author looks for unique means of expression and often uses the computer both as a musical instrument and a compositional tool.

The official website of the artist. In addition, information on the website polmic.pl.

Artist’s album: Katarzyna Głowicka – “Seven Sonnets”

Chamber music with the violin:

  • Lullaby for children’s choir and string quartet (1994)
  • Summer’s day, three songs to words by Shakespeare for countertenor, accompanied by a string quartet (2000)
  • String Quartet (2000)