Garztecka Jarzębska Irena

Irena Garztecka Jarzębska (* May 31, 1913 Kyiv – † November 14, 1963 Skarżysko-Kamienna), composer, teacher and pianist.

She studied piano at the State Conservatory of Music in Warsaw (diploma in 1941 in the class of M. Klimontt-Jacynowa). During the war, she took composition lessons from Kazimierz Sikorski, as well as singing lessons from Stanisława Korwin-Szymanowska, and then from Ada Sari. After the end of the war, together with her husband, violinist Stanisław Jarzębski, she started working at the Music Institute in Częstochowa, where she taught music theory and a piano class. Participated, inter alia, in symphony and school concerts, performing as a pianist and singer with her husband’s orchestra. In the years 1946-1948 she worked as a tutor at the Bytom Opera. In 1949, she started working in Krakow, initially at PWM, and then as a music editor of the Polish Radio Orchestra and Choir. She died in a car accident. She left behind a rich work for children and youth. For her symphony, Four Portraits (1949), she received a distinction in the same year at the Frederic Chopin.

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Pieces with the violin:

  • Andante for violin and piano (1940)
  • Burleska I for violin and piano (1940)
  • Nocturne for violin and piano (1941)
  • Adagio for violin and piano (1941)
  • Concertino for violin and orchestra (1943)
  • Burleska II for violin and piano (1949)
  • Chamber sonata for violin and piano (1950)
  • Sonatina for violin and piano (1951)
  • Chamber suite for soprano, string quartet and harp to folk texts (1951)
  • Little Violinist 10 Folk Songs and Dances for violin and piano (1952)
  • Trio for violin, cello and piano (1955)
  • Suite for violin and piano (1956)
  • Suite of Preludes for violin and piano (1956)
  • Violin Concerto (1960)