Gabryś Ewa


Ewa Gabryś (5.XI. 1936 Kraków-) composer, harpsichordist teacher, editor of music publications and translator. A graduate of the State Higher School of Music in Kraków in the class of Tadeusz Machl (theory of music and composition) and in the class of Janina Wysocka Ochlewska in the class of harpsichord. She continued her education in Belgium as part of a scholarship for harpsichordists. Most of Gabryś’s compositions are intended for the harpsichord. She also completed postgraduate studies in Music Editing under Mieczysław Tomaszewski. She is a laureate of many awards, both as a harpsichordist – performer and composer. She has performed solo and in chamber ensembles, incl. in Austria, Belgium, the Netherlands, FRN and Italy. She has made numerous recordings – mainly contemporary music in which she specialized. He has a number of world premieres of works by Polish and foreign composers. For most of her life, she was associated with her place of birth – Krakow, where she lectured on harpsichord, among others, at the Frederic Chopin. In the years 1967-1997 she was an editor at PWM. She has translated from English books on music, including “The History of the Violin”, Glossary of Popular Musical Terms “, biographies of various composers. She has translated Jadwiga Pai Stach’s book on contemporary Dutch music into English for the Department of Musicology.

Among the compositions, apart from harpsichord tracks, one can find chamber, vocal and symphonic works.

The chamber piece for violin is:

String Quartet (1965)