Brzezińska Filipina

Filipina Brzezińska (née Szymanowska) (* 1.1.1800 Warsaw – † 10.11.1886 Warsaw)

Polish pianist and composer. She was the sister-in-law of Maria Szymanowska. Her brother was also the father-in-law of Adam Mickiewicz. She studied piano in St. Petersburg with Charles Mayer, a student of John Field. Over time, she gained recognition as a pianist and author of numerous piano pieces in the brillante style (fantasies, nocturnes, waltzes). She also composed organ pieces and songs, mainly on religious themes (including Merciful God, Song to St. Victor, Song in Troubles, Hail Mary).

One of them, “Do not leave us” to the words of Fr. Karol Antoniewicz, was commonly sung in churches during the January Uprising as a kind of national anthem. Some of her compositions were published, mainly on their own expense or by well-known Warsaw publishers (Bułakowski, Dzwonkowski, Kaufman).

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