Zaradny Anna

Anna Zaradny (* 19. VII.1977-) visual artist, sound art, composer, improviser. She collaborated with the bands Włochy, Dr Mengele, and also StuckOnCeiling, playing experimental noise-rock and improvised music. She has also performed with musicians such as Burkhard Stangel, Tony Buck, Cor Fuhler, John Butcher, John Hegre, Otomo Yoshihide, Martin Klapper, Boris Hauf, Sophie Agnel, Ute Volker, Ingar Zach. In the years 2002-2009, Anna Zaradny, together with Robert Piotrowicz, organized the Musica Genera festival of experimental and improvised music in Szczecin.

As a composer and improviser, Anna Zaradny continues the experience of the musical avant-garde, which challenged the traditionally understood musical work with its closed form, defined notation, unambiguous authorship and clear identity. The artist’s work grows out of the revolution brought about by experimental or concrete music, when the role of the composer and notation changed, as well as the perceptive habits of the audience. New technologies played a special role in this process, expanding the so-called sound universe and the ability to manipulate sound and organize sound material.

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Anna Zaradny’s film Theurgy Two is available on the website of the Museum of Modern Art.