Nowacka-Ilska Leokadia

Leokadia Nowacka- Ilska (* 1887 Zakrzówek near Radomsko- † 1979 Otwock) pianist, teacher and composer.

At the Music Institute in Warsaw, she studied piano with Aleksander Michałowski and composition with Zygmunt Noskowski. She continued her piano studies in Berlin. After completing her education, she conducted active concert activities. She also taught in Warsaw at the music school run by Zofia Iwanowska-Płoszko (Ossendowska after her husband). After the war, she moved to Sopot. There she performed at the Baltic Philharmonic and was a professor at a music school. For her achievements, she received the Officer’s Cross of the Order of Polonia Restituta.

Her compositional output is largely unexplored.