Nowacka Antonina


Antonina Nowacka (*) composer, singer, visual artist, interested in using the voice as an instrument and its correlation with mental states, internal and external phenomena, which she combines in her sonic explorations. They oscillate around early music – religious and ancient songs and opera. Experiments with electronics, the sounds of the speech apparatus, speechless speech, moods. For 5 years, together with Bogumiła Piotrowska, he has been co-creating the WIDT audiovisual team and with him improvisations for voice, electronics and analog visuals. He works with the Warsaw Improvisers Orchestra and, in smaller ensembles, with its individual members. He gives concerts in Indonesian caves, the Himalayas, Mexican churches, as well as at interesting European festivals of adventure music.

Interview with the artist entitled “Daydreaming” available here.

The album entitled “Lamunan”