Zdziennicka-Bergerowa Zofia

Zofia Zdziennicka-Bergerowa(*1881-†1950)

She graduated from the Warsaw Music Institute in the field of playing stringed instruments (guitar, zither and mandolin). She arranged folk melodies for violin or mandolin, and arranged selected Mazurkas by F. Chopin for zither. She is also the author of textbooks on guitar, lute and mandolin. (link to textbooks and studies) Before World War I, she left for Vienna. After the war, she emigrated to America. In the 1930s, she began an intensive campaign to promote Polish music in the United States. It operated under the name of Bergerowa. In Chicago, she founded the Society for Promoting the Creativity of Polish Women. She was also an editor in women’s magazines, among others “Ivy” (“Bluszcz”)

Currently, the exact source of information is the work of guitarist Wojciech Gurgul “Zofia Zdziennicka-Bergerowa. Zither virtuoso, composer and social activist.” (link)

Compilation of the artist’s works here.