Widłak Elżbieta

Widłak Elżbieta (* 20 November 1941 Krakow-) composer.

She studied at the State Higher School of Music in Kraków in the composition class of Stanisław Wiechowicz, and after his death in the class of Tadeusz Machl. She also studied vocal and music theory. In 1964, as a member of the Youth Circle, she received a creative scholarship from the Polish Composers’ Union, which enabled the composer to continue his two-year training in Geneva in the composition class of Andre Marescotti.

From 1964, she lectured at the State Music School in Kraków. From 1965 she worked as an editor at the Editorial Office of Contemporary Music, devoting herself to promoting Polish contemporary music.

Pieces with the violin:

  • Sonata for violin and piano (1961)
  • Violin Concerto (1964)
  • String Quartet (1964)
  • Studies for string quintet (1965)
  • Geneva Quintet for two violins, two violas and cellos (1965-68)