Warska Wanda

Warska Wanda (*April 28, 1932 Poznań-†July 6, 2019 Laski) – real name Krystyna Wanda Warska-Kurylewicz née Małolepsza – Polish jazz vocalist, performer of sung poetry and composer, artist of the literary cabaret “Piwnica pod Baranami” in Kraków, from 1963 she lived in Warsaw, where from 1965 she ran “Piwnica Artystyczna” together with her husband Andrzej Kurylewicz.

“Warska is a real artist. Please notice how old-fashioned this phrase sounds today – a real artist. Today we don’t say that, we say: actor, pianist, director. This is how we define the profession. We narrow it down and specify it. However, in the word artist, there is not always a profession behind it. It was a term that was serious, even pathetic, and sometimes humorous. It meant a dreamer, a fantasist. She is not only a singer, she has a rare ability to create her own, unique personality atmosphere. Warm, nice, at the same time a bit weird, a cat who goes her own way.” – this is what her friend Agnieszka Osiecka wrote about Wanda Warska.

Detailed information about the artist is available at wikipedia.

Recordings and songs performed by Warska on the YouTube channel at the link.