Trzpis Maria

Maria Trzpis (*1. VII. 2000 Harta-) composer and arranger of the young generation. Currently, he continues his composition studies under Marek Czerniewicz at the Gdańsk Academy of Music. Stanisław Moniuszko. Her work has been performed at many concerts and festivals.

He composes his own concert music (solo, chamber, symphonic and electro-acoustic) as well as film and theater music.

Since childhood, she has been associated with the Bandoska Song and Dance Ensemble, which is why the main source of inspiration in her today’s work is folk music. She is constantly involved in artistic and personal development. On social media, he shares his work as well as his thoughts on art, culture and life.

Information about the composer, along with a list of her works to date, is available at

Link to social media.

Compositions with violin:

  • 1st String Quartet (2023)
  • The Butterfly Effect, song for mezzo-soprano, piano, violin and recorder (2024)