Szmytka Jagoda

Jagoda Szmytka (* 15.January 1982 Legnica-) contemporary singer, composer, author of texts, collages, creator of original multimedia projects. She is the founder and artistic director of the cultural platform “Play”. He currently lives and works in Karlsruhe. In 2016 she received the German Music Authors’ Prize. Szmytka’s pieces are performed at festivals and music events around the world.

And this is how the artist herself talks about her work in an excerpt from an interview with Marie Librichon

“For me, music is not only sound. It must be directed not only to the ear, but also to the eyes and thoughts (…). Transmedia projects in which I specialize are characterized by a combination of many media and approaches. For example, Game of Thrones also can be perceived as a series, but also a video game or derivative products.It is primarily a way to attract people, allowing them more freedom of reception by multiplying the access points. So I try to integrate all the new formats that appeal to people and open new doors Let’s take a TV program: if audiences see something similar to it on stage, but subtly different, they are drawn in, but do not know how to react. since it has a provocative effect and makes you think. (…) My important point of reference is Joseph Beuys, for whom everyone was an artist. the task is to open up a creative space for everyone or to accompany creative learning: manipulating sounds, playing an instrument. We live in the age of access, where everyone can find out easily and for free on the Internet. There are many great applications for composing music, generating and saving sound on smartphones. (…) Derrida’s dream has come true: we live in a world of multiple perceptions flowing through numerous channels “

News about the artist on her official website and on

The album “Bloody Cherries” with the composer’s songs can be purchased here.

Programs about the artist at the link (2013) and here (2016)

Chamber pieces with violin:

  • Lights for string quartet (2005)
  • Trance for string quartet (2005)
  • Waves for string quartet (2005)
  • Aaiairaia for two violins (2006)
  • KOERPEWELTEN, study of fragmenten one for violin and tape (2008) recording
  • In the light of the green sun for bass clarinet / clarinet, violin, piano, percussion, traditional singing and electronics (2011)
  • H / A / U / T, ballet for flute, electric guitar, piano / sampler, violin, viola and cello (2016)
  • means of transport for amplified string quartet (2018)