Szajna – Lewandowska Jadwiga

Jadwiga Szajna – Lewandowska (* February 12, 1912 Brody – † March 14. 1994 Wrocław) pianist, composer and teacher. She studied piano in Lviv, in the class of Maria Sołtys, and composition with Tadeusz Szeligowski, Piotr Perkowski and Stefan Bolesław Poradowski in Wrocław. The artist has dedicated herself mainly to the composition of works intended for children and adolescents. Among them there are stage- (ballets), choral, instrumental and vocal-instrumental works. She has received many awards for her compositions, incl. for Regiment for mixed choir and small orchestra, children’s ballet Ein Spaziergang in der Stadt. Her works were also heard abroad. She also acted as a teacher – she taught music theory, chamber ensembles, and introductory composition. She was twice a laureate of the Prime Minister’s Award.

The composer created music that was needed and willingly performed according to the perceptive possibilities of young audiences. She created her own, identifying musical style.

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Pieces for violin:

  • Two Etudes for violin and piano (1960)
  • Ballad for violin and chamber orchestra (1964)
  • Six pieces for violin and piano for young soloists and chamber musicians (1978-80)