Stępalska-Spix Joanna

Stępalska-Spix Joanna (* 1967 Kraków-) composer, flautist and teacher. Her compositions are published by Zimmermann Verlag, Certosa Verlag, Waldkauz Verlag ‘, and they are heard in concert halls in Poland, Austria, Germany, the Netherlands, France, Italy, Slovakia and Ukraine.

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Works with violin:

  • Fantasia for solo violin (1990)
  • Scherzo! for flute, oboe, violin and piano (1993)
  • Trio for flute, oboe and violin (1993)
  • Evoluzione for violin, piano and computer (1993)
  • Tree. Love. Memory, three songs for soprano, oboe, flute, violin, cello and piano (1995)
  • Trio – D for violin, cello and piano (1997)