Słyż Aleksandra

Aleksandra Słyż (*1995 Ełk-) Polish composer, sound designer and sound director, graduate of the University of Adam Mickiewicz and the Academy of Music. Ignacy Jan Paderewski in Poznań and the Royal Conservatory in Stockholm. Member of the international project “We are Europe” and the SHAPE+ platform bringing together creators of innovative music and audiovisual arts in Europe.

In live performances, the artist focuses on finding subtle connections between acoustic instruments and modular synthesizers, creating rich, diverse drone structures that slowly but intensely pulsate and resonate with the surrounding space and the viewer.

The second, equally important part of her artistic practices are interactive sonification systems. Since 2017, he has been conducting artistic research in which he uses practical experiments on the sonification of movement/gesture, human proprioceptive reflexes and various types of interactions.

Słyż’s works were presented at music and film festivals in Europe and the USA, including: Avant Art Festival (Wrocław), Between Festival (Stockholm), CTM Festival (Berlin), Idealistic Festival (Copenhagen), Kiev Music Festival (Kiev), NODE Festival (Modena), ORFmusikprotokoll (Graz), OSA Festival (Sopot), Unsound (Kraków).

The artist’s official website (link) More information can also be found on the website (link)

Recordings available on soundcloud.