Rydzewska Żaneta

Żaneta Rydzewska (* October 5, 1991 Ełk – composer, clarinettist and improviser. In her work she often refers to nature, physics, philosophy, contemporary social problems and interpersonal relations. Her musical language consists of intricately constructed sounds and subtle use of electronics. .

In his speech for TVP Kultura, he admits “(…) I give something that I experience in music, and then the listeners perceive it in their own way. This phenomenon of sound, which moves us in different ways, is the most important thing …”

More information about the artist on her official website and on culture.pl

Pieces with the violin:

  • Barcarolle for violin, clarinet and piano (2012)
  • Les mots se moquent de nous … for accordion and string quartet (2015)
  • 5/3 for string quartet (2015)
  • String Quartet (2016)
  • alone I for clarinet, violin, piano and percussion (2017)
  • spit it out for flute, clarinet, violin, viola and cello (2018)
  • underneath for flute, clarinet, violin, viola, cello and objects (2018
  • where, theatrical and musical piece for violin, two violas and objects (2019)
  • don’t look for two violins, accordion, piano, percussion and electronics (2020)
  • Fanfare for flute, violin, percussion and piano (2022)