Rożynek Teoniki


Teoniki Rożynek (* 1991 Krakow-) Polish composer. Winner of the Polityka’s Passport and awards for music at the Polish Film Festival in Gdynia. He creates both independently and as part of collective work, in performances and films. It places particular emphasis on electronic sound design. He plays with faults and the perceptions of the audience.

 This is what he says in an interview with Glissando magazine: “Mistake is my strange musical obsession. I find much more valuable to record a flute in which someone has made a mistake or hear grunting sounds in the background than a studio recording where the flute sounds perfect. A mistake can create an additional one. layer, which is much more interesting for me. Natural deficiencies, captured moment – it seems to me insanely fascinating! From this you can carve a macro part, a bug can completely change the course of a piece. A real error on a micro level can affect the whole structure. ” “

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Pieces with the violin:

  • wall for amplified violin and cello and electronic layer (2015)
  • string quartet for prepared and amplified string quartet (2016)
  • multiple 1 for amplified double bass clarinet, percussion, piano and violin (2017)
  • minimal surfaces 1.0 for amplified violin and cello and chamber ensemble (2017)
  • conveyor belt for bass clarinet, piano, sampler, violin and cello (2018)
  • bulb for double bass clarinet, percussion set, piano and amplified violin, audiovisual layer and light installation, created in cooperation with Martyna Chojnacka