Pstrokońska – Nawratil Grażyna

Pstrokońska – Nawratil Grażyna (* 16. VII. 1947 Wrocław-) composer and teacher. Winner of many awards at composers’ competitions. Her achievements include about several dozen items.

Information about the artist is available at and on the website of the Academy of Music in Wrocław, where he teaches as a professor.

Program: Warsaw Autumn – Meeting with the composer: Grażyna Pstrokońska-Nawratil to watch at.

Pieces with the violin:

  • TRIO-SONATA for violin, cello and piano (1967)
  • STUDIO per violino e tam-tam (1977) (sheet music)
  • INCRUSTATION for violin and orchestra (1979)
  • ARABESKA for string quartet (1980)
  • LANDSCAPE WITH PLUSH for soprano and 3 violins (1986)
  • LIDYJSKI QUARTET – THINKING ABOUT ANDRZEJ for string quartet (1994)
  • In Search of a Wandering Echo for two violins (2000)