Porzyc Anna

Anna Porzyc (* 26.XII. 1985 Lublin-) a composer, music theoretician, and educator, she was born on 26bDecember 1985 in Lublin. She graduated from the 1st and 2nd degree T. Szeligowski State Music School in Lublin. From 2005-2010 she studied music theory at the Karol Lipiński Academy of Music in Wrocław. At the same Academy in 2010, she completed first degree studies (diploma with honours), and in 2012, second degree studies (also with honours) in the field of musical composition. She was trained by Jan Antoni Wichrowski (general composition), Cezary Duchnowski (computer composition), and Zbigniew Karnecki (theatrical and film composition). In addition, she participated in Synthesis compositional courses, in which she consulted her works with such composers as: Simon Steen-Andersen, Philippe Manoura, Martijn Padding, and Zhou Long.
During her studies, she actively participated in the artistic life of Wrocław, composing music, among others to numerous theatrical performances of the students of the Stanisław Wyspiański Theatre Arts Academy in Kraków, Wrocław Division, and the ceramics exhibition of Bożena Sacharczuk at the City Museum of Wrocław, as well as performing soundtracks for film etudes and installations of students of the Eugeniusz Geppert Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław.
Her works have been performed in Poland, among others at the Musica Electronica Nova festival, chamber concerts organized by the Wrocław Philharmonic (now: the National Forum of Music), the Port Literary Festival, and the 1st Wojciech Kilar Festival of Contemporary Music and Poznań’s Musical Spring, as well as in Germany at the concerts of electroacoustic music Two-Sample in Cologne and Essen. Anna Porzyc has collaborated with such ensembles as: Wrocław Percussion Trio, Sound Factory Orchestra, Wrocław Modern Quartet, Ensemblage: Two Plus 2 Quartet or Wrocław Improvisation Orchestra. She is a laureate, among others, of the Competition for Young Composers organized as part of the 1st Wojciech Kilar Festival of Contemporary Music and the 7th Zygmunt Mycielski Composers’ Competition.
Currently, he teaches theoretical subjects at the Wrocław School of Jazz and Contemporary Music and continues her work as composer.
From 2018, he has been a member of the Polish Composers’ Union.

Anna Porzyc’s compositions available on soundcloud

Chamber music with the violin:

  • Multiple for string quartet (2009)
  • Quartet II for string quartet (2013)