Pomianowska Maria

Maria Pomianowska (* June 26, 1961 Warsaw-) Polish multi-instrumentalist, singer and composer. He has the title of professor of habilitation of arts. He lectures at the Academy of Music in Krakow. He conducts studies, among others on the techniques of playing musical instruments in Asia, traveling to India, China, Korea, Japan and the Middle East, Playing the cello, Biłgoraj suka, Płock fiddle, saranga and many other instruments. She created songs and toured with world-famous artists: Yo Yo Ma,  Boris Grebenshchikov, Gil Goldstein, Gonzalo Rubalcaba ,  Branford Marsalis, Kayhan Kalhor, Hoosein Alizadeh and many others.

On July 6, 2011, during the ceremony at the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, she received the Bronze Medal “For Merit to Culture Gloria Artis” for her entire artistic activity, in particular regarding the reconstruction of old Polish instruments and pieces. For her outstanding artistic contribution to the development of the local community and promotion of Mazovia in Poland and around the world, on November 27, 2011, she received the Marshal of the Mazowieckie Voivodeship Award, and on November 28, the Silver Cross of Merit from the President of the Republic of Poland, Bronisław Komorowski. In 2016, she was awarded the Cultural Award of the Lublin Province.  She is also a laureate of the following prestigious awards: Norwid Prize in the field of music (2018) Silver Medal of the Minister of Culture and National Heritage “Gloria Artis” – (2019). Prize them. Witold Hulewicz (2019)

In December 2014, together with prof. Ewa Dahlig has published a publication entitled Knee Fiddles. (Reconstruction”. (link to download the book in pdf version http://biblioteka.teatrnn.pl/dlibra/Content/52933/Teka_Lubelska_4_DRUK_2.pdf)

In 2020, she published the first-ever game manual on the Biłgoraj suka and Płock fiddle (available here)

Maria Pomianowska created a performance practice, a tuning method and a repertoire for two old Polish string instruments reconstructed with Andrzej Kuczkowski and Prof. Ewa Dahlig (the Biłgoraj suka and the Płock fiddle)

She composes music for theater plays and films.

She  is an animator of cultural life in Poland as the director of the Cross-Culture Festival.

You can read more about the detailed biography and achievements of the artist on her official website and on culture.pl

Link to the recordings on the YouTube channel.

Interviews with the artist for Polish Radio (here)

Maria Pomianowska’s discography.