Niewiarowska Teresa Irena

Teresa Irena Niewiarowska née Ehrenfeucht (* 1938 – † 15 February 2016 Warsaw) – Polish composer who mainly creates songs for children. A graduate of the State Higher School of Music in Warsaw. After graduating, she went to Ghana for a year, where she gave concerts. After returning to Poland in 1966-1971, she worked as an instructor in a community center, where she led a music group for which she composed repertoire. At the same time, it established cooperation with the Polish Television and Polish Radio as well as with Estrady: Stołeczna and Olsztyn.
Teresa Niewiarowska worked mainly with children’s groups, such as Gawęda, Fasolki 0r Łejery. She composed music for performances and artistic performances (including For Rain and Weather, Around the World In 80 Minutes, Puss in Boots, Carnival Gifts. She collaborated with the poet Wandą Chotomską, and her music was performed by, among othersa Irena Woźniacka, Ewa Śnieżanka, Joanna Rawik, Andrzej Szajewski and Teresa Tutinas. She was a member of the Section of Authors of Popular and Dance Music of the ZAiKS Authors’ Association. She was buried in the family tomb in the Powązki cemetery in Warsaw