Mieczyńska Maria

Maria Mieczyńska (*?-† ? ) ” In these days, two Mazury songs came out of the press: Friends and Melodia” Farewell ” for piano. The sales fund was donated by the publisher, Mrs. Mieczyńska, to the little talented Józio to buy a piano, and Mr. Stall took care of the sale piano manufacturer in Nowy Świat.”

The above annotation appeared in the 195th issue of Kurier Warszawski of August 15, 1862. According to information included in other issues of the magazine, the author published several pieces for piano, including, in addition to the above-mentioned items: “La Violette, valse pour piano”, “Łzy sieroty”. “Mazur. “Farewell to Carnival“, Mazur “Morning“. The sheet music was available in the National Library of Russia in Leningrad.