Ledoff Lena

Lena Ledoff (* 1961 St Petersburg-) a pianist and composer from Russia, who since 1994 settled permanently in Poland and devoted herself to jazz music. She has performed at home and abroad at festivals and cultural events. As a composer, musician and arranger, she collaborated with many theaters and performed at various film festivals, including: “Nowe Horyzonty” (Cieszyn, with the ensemble “Arhytmic Brain” by Jerzy Mazzoll), “Sputnik nad Warszawa” (with Janusz Brych, saxophone) , “Jazz Jamboree” (“Jazz Mornings at Kinie Muranów” – Lena Ledoff quartet), “Upiór w Opera” (Warsaw, Płock; with Przemek Knopik, drums). In 2000 she founded the band “Lena Ledoff Trio”. She is the author of music for theater plays, jazz pieces and a concert for piano and symphony orchestra, inspired by the works of Krzysztof Komeda.

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