Krysińska Maria

Maria Krysińska (* January 22, 1857 Warsaw- † September 15, 1908 Paris) is a French poet of Polish origin. She was born in Warsaw in an intellectual family. Her father Ksawery Krysiński was a well-known lawyer, grandfather Dominik Krysiński Leliwa – a politician and economist. At the age of sixteen, she left for Paris to study music. However, she quickly abandoned these studies to devote herself to literature and the emerging cabaret art. She wrote poems and song lyrics, composed music for cabaret songs, which she sang herself or accompanied on the piano to other performers.

Among his composers there are songs and a Nocturne for piano.

“Sketch for a literary portrait of Maria Krysińska” by Ewa Małgorzata Wierzbowska at the link

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