Kisiel Iwona

Iwona Kisiel (* 1972 Warsaw-) composer of classical and popular music. She is also a creator of music for children. Since 2002, he has been running the office of the Polish Society for Contemporary Music, where he coordinates numerous artistic projects carried out by him. She is endowed with chromesthesia (color hearing).

The composer’s official website. Information also available at

Compositions to be listened to at the soundcloud link.

Pieces with the violin:

  • String Quartet No. 1 (1992)
  • String Quartet No. 2 (1993)
  • Trio for violin, viola and cello (1994)
  • Scherzo for four strings for string quartet (2017)
  • Scherzo for Aga for violin and piano (2017)
  • love & hate for piano trio (2017)
  • Flickering for violin quartet (2018)
  • Star Waltz for violin quartet (2019)
  • 313 for piano trio (2019)
  • Hollywood Concert for violin and string orchestra (2020)
  • Balkan Miniature for violin and piano (2020)
  • Friday, the 13th … for solo violin (2020)