Jaskot Dobromiła

Dobromiła Jaskot (29 May 1981 Toruń-) is a composer whose creative interests are focused on multimedia arts and interactive activities. He creates electroacoustic, instrumental and theatrical music. He lives and works in Perth, Australia.

The composer’s official website. Information also available at meakultura.pl

Works with violin:

  • anAphrase for violin and tape (2003)
  • The Spiral of Light for recorder (or transverse) flute, 2 violins and cello (2006)
  • Linearia for string quartet (2007)
  • from the matter of light for voice and string quartet (2008)
  • Hum … for beat-boxer, clarinet, violin, piano and percussion (2009)
  • Aeshna for piano quartet (2012)
  • Elferiae for string quartet (2013)
  • Soarrrshtoong for solo violin (2017)