Gryka Aleksandra

Aleksandra Gryka (* 17. May 1977 Warsaw -) a composer with broad creative horizons, interested in many areas of life and scientific phenomena which are a source of inspiration for her. She belongs to one of the most interesting artists of the young generation. Her works have been awarded at many composition competitions and performed at national and international festivals.

Here is detailed information about the artist. (

The “Interialcell” album is available on the empik website.

The pieces with the violin are:

  • JaIchIJe for string quartet and marimba (2002)
  • ambeoidal MTOCSs for clarinet, marimba, piano, violin, tape and video (2005)
  • NTvacou for double bass recorder, harpsichord, violin and cello (2006)
  • NEI for violin, tape and video (2008)
  • The LighetM for string quartet (2009)
  • 10,12,13, -31 for string quartet (2012)

Recording of “Interialcell” for instrumental ensemble. Mutedisoreder can be heard here.