Gordon Fanny

Fanny Gordon, or rather Fajga Jofé (* 23.12.1914 Saint Petersburg – † 1991 Petersburg) – the artist, active in Warsaw in the interwar period, was the author of mainly pop music. In her youth, she lived in China, America and Egypt. She also made numerous trips to India, Japan and Hawaii.

She was associated with the “Morskie Oko” cabaret. She wrote music for such hits as “Pod samowarem”, “Nietoperze”, “Bal na Gnojnej” (also known as “Bal u stare Josek”), “Miłość ruined you”, “Abdul Bay”, “Bloody heart”. She is also the author of music for revue performances, incl. “The Yacht of Love” (“New York Baby”), which in 1933 was staged in the theater “8.30” in the musical arrangement of Władysław Eiger, and then gained great popularity abroad (Belgium, the Netherlands). In 1939 she left Poland and via Vilnius reached Leningrad, where she remained until the end of her life, being an active composer and arranger.

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Sheet music available at staremelodie.pl.