Gnus Ryta

Ryta Gnus (* 1881 Warsaw- †?) Pianist and composer – granddaughter of Ignacy Feliks Dobrzyński. For a long time she lived in Kiev, where she educated music at the Polish Girls ‘Gymnasium and founded the Music Club at the Polish Teachers’ Association. There she was also active in the Pedagogical Section of the Women’s Circle. She was the organizer of concerts, in particular, consisting of pieces with Polish music. At one of such concerts in 1918, the repertoire of 20th century songs as well as her own vocal works sounded. In 1920 she was imprisoned for patriotic activities. She taught in Kharkiv for a while. Then she moved to Warsaw. She started working at the State Teachers’ Seminary E. Orzeszkowa.

Ryta Gnus also left behind works devoted to music pedagogy and contributed to the publication of works published in the magazines “Bluszcz”, “Young Mother”, “Gontyna”. The compositions include a piano suite, choral songs and songbooks for children and teenagers.

The composer’s vocal works are available in the collection of the National Library at the link.