Feldschuh Josima

Josima Feldschuh (* June 26, 1929- † April 21, 1943), a talented young pianist and composer. Her mother gave her first piano lessons. At the age of 5, the girl was hailed as a child prodigy. She had a phenomenal musical memory which allowed her to master a huge repertoire and perform works by Chopin, Bach and Mendelssohn. In 1940, he and his family moved to the Warsaw ghetto. This is also where Josma’s debut took place, during which she performed a Mozart concert with the orchestra of the Warsaw ghetto. In addition to playing the piano, she was passionate about composing and dreamed of becoming a composer in the future. Josima’s family managed to get out of the ghetto, but the girl suffered from acute lung disease. She died on April 21 in the village of Pustelniki, where her family was hiding. Several piano pieces by the young artist who died prematurely have survived, played in concert halls such as Wigmore Hall in London or Bard College in New York. The collection of her compositions is preserved in the Yad Vashem library. At the Polin museum, it is planned to create an educational program named after Joshua.

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